Medallion Hunt 

First clue will be revealed in








Richfield Red White and Blue Days Medallion Hunt Official Rules The 2019 Richfield Red White and Blue Days Medallion is made of red acrylic and is four inches in diameter. It has the festival logo etched on one side. The person who finds the medallion first will receive a $500 cash prize courtesy of the Schneeberger Group – Keller Williams Realty. Clues to finding the medallion will begin appearing Sunday, June 30, 2019. The clues will be posted at 9:00 am each day at the sponsor location 6628 Penn Avenue, the City of Richfield website and social media, the Richfield Red White and Blue Days website and social media. The last clue will be posted Wednesday, July 3rd. . Upon finding the medallion, the winner must call or text the sponsor at 612-581-7313 within 24 hours of finding it. If the medallion is not found by 4pm, July 3rd, the event sponsor reserves the right to cancel the hunt and donate the money to local charity. The winner of the medallion hunt must be at least 18 years of age or older. However, anyone under the age of 18 may search as long as an adult claims the prize and assumes responsibility for any taxes associated with winning. The medallion is hidden outdoors on public property somewhere in the city of Richfield. The medallion will be hidden above ground. It will be hidden in a place no higher than six feet off the ground. No climbing or scaling will be required. It will not be necessary to bend or destroy vegetation to find the medallion. The medallion will not be hidden within 10 feet of any body of water. If property is being damaged, The Richfield Red White and Blue Days committee reserves the right to cancel the contest entirely.

All participants agree that the City of Richfield, The Schneeberger Group and the Richfield 4th of July Committee, Inc. will have no liability and will be held harmless by participants for any injuries, losses, or damages sustained while participating in the medallion hunt.
Employees of the City of Richfield, members of the Richfield Red White and Blue Days committee, the Schneeberger Group and immediate family members are not eligible to win.